Welcome to the new City of Ithaca Republican Committee website. My name is John Crutchfield. I am the current chair of the City Committee. We realize there are relatively few registered republicans in the city. We hope to change that, but more importantly we hope to reach voters who are asking some of the same questions we ask and are expecting solutions more than just answers.

For example, Why has the Free Clinic had to move after all these years? Why has West State Street become a walk to fear rather than a pleasant stroll to engage with community, culture and history? Why are too many businesses here closing instead of thriving? Why do the people who shout Unity so loudly seem to sow only division? Why do property owners pay so much in taxes only to drive on rough, neglected streets? Will flood insurance mandates drive me out of my home?

Did we, the well-intended, hardworking people of Ithaca somehow make or allow choices that led us to these unintended outcomes? Is it too late to amend such choices and seek better results that can benefit all who live here? Please join us to look closer at what is actually happening in Ithaca, to seek solutions, to find leaders who can truly serve our community, and to hold elected leadership accountable.